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About Extreme Optimization

Library simplifies statistical operations

Toronto, Canada, (September 30, 2005) Developers of business analytics and statistical applications can now enjoy increased productivity with the Extreme Optimization Statistics Library for .NET, a statistical library for the Microsoft .NET platform released this week by Toronto, Canada based Extreme Optimization. This brings advanced data analysis capabilities to the .NET platform.

The Extreme Optimization Statistics Library for .NET includes classes for probability distributions, random number generation, hypothesis tests, and statistical models, including multiple linear regression and analysis of variance (ANOVA).

“We designed our library to be easy to learn and easy to use without compromising reliability or performance,” said Jeffrey Sax, architect of the library. “The less you have to think about how to use a tool, the more productive it makes you, and the better the end result will be. Our library enables developers to create applications in business intelligence, management information systems, statistical quality control, and data analysis faster.”

“I have made it my mission to institutionalize the value of good API design.,” said Brad Abrams, lead program manager on the Microsoft .NET Framework team and co-author of Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries. “I strongly believe that this is key to making developers more productive and happy on our platform. It is clear that Extreme Optimization values good API design in their work, and takes to heart developer productivity and synergy with the .NET framework.”

The Extreme Optimization Statistics Library for .NET is available for purchase from $495 for a single developer license. A bundle with the Extreme Optimization Mathematics Library for .NET starts at $795. A free 60-day evaluation version is available for download from the Extreme Optimization website at

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