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Extreme Optimization Mathematics Library for .NET released

Library targeted at the Microsoft .NET Framework sets new standards for productivity in numerical software development.

Toronto, Canada, (March 7, 2005) Developers of scientific, financial and engineering applications can now enjoy increased productivity with the Extreme Optimization Mathematics Library for .NET, a numerical library for the Microsoft .NET platform released today by Toronto, Canada based Extreme Optimization.

The Extreme Optimization Mathematics Library for .NET includes classes for complex numbers, polynomials, curve fitting, solving equations, numerical integration and differentiation, vectors, matrices, matrix decompositions, and various special functions. The linear algebra code uses processor optimized versions of the standard BLAS and LAPACK packages.

“We worked hard to make our library easy to learn and easy to use,” said Jeffrey Sax, architect of the library. “Consistency, both with Microsoft's Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers and internally, ensures that developers can reuse what they have learnt building applications for the .NET framework. The objects in the library correspond to the concepts used to model mathematical problems. This makes the translation of a solution into program code straightforward.”

The Extreme Optimization Mathematics Library for .NET is available for purchase from $495 for a single developer license. A free 15-day evaluation version is available for download from the Extreme Optimization website at

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