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About Extreme Optimization


Here is what some of our customers have told us over the years.

General comments

"Your product is performing well beyond my best expectations."
  - J. Cornacchia

"Very impressed with your attention to the wishes of customers!"
  - J. Corbett, Awhere

"I will say I am so far very pleased with your product. I am making the move for some portolio managers from MatLab to C# a no brainer!"
  - D. Maloney

"I have yet to see another package that offers the depth of statistical analysis that Extreme Optimization does, and I must say that I'm impressed with the level of service I've experienced."
  - Henry Oh, RBC Capital Markets

"We really like your product, and it has saved me a considerable amount of development time."
  - Robert Burton, Medtronic

"The Extreme Optimization Statistics Library for .NET is a major boon for those doing statistical work in .NET. I strongly recommend this product."
  - Marc Brooks

Our technical support

"All I can say is, thanks very much for your constant excellent support throughout the development process. I look forward to working with the library in the near future."
  - J. Saavedra

"Thanks once again for your prompt support!"
  - D. O'Hara

"I can't thank you enough for the set of Managed C++ samples you sent. I unzipped the files, set up and ran each project. They work just great, and I spent a good part of the weekend playing with the stuff."
  - R. Chiavetta

Our design

"I have made it my mission to institutionalize the value of good API design.  I strongly believe that this is key to making developers more productive and happy on our platform. It is clear that you value good API design in your work, and take to heart developer productivity and synergy with the .NET framework."
  - Brad Abrams, Lead Program Manager, Microsoft.

"I'm impressed with your dedication to the task of doing numerical computing with .NET."
  - Don Syme, Microsoft Research